Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Greetings Business Intelligence people!

I am a DBA-turned-BI Administrator. I'm not sure I like the term BI Administrator but it's a role that's a whole lot different than the traditional DBA. In fact, where I work, I don't even have to worry about some of the traditional DBA stuff. I am lucky enough to have a great team of folks that make sure my SQL Servers stay up and that all those databases get backed up properly. So, I get to focus on making sure that the performance of our BI systems is up-to-snuff. We use the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack from SQL Server to SharePoint. (Our SSRS implementation is managed by our fine SharePoint team, more luck for me!)

Given all that, this blog is about the administration of Microsoft SQL Server and all it's related products with a focus on BI performance and manageability. Sometimes the content will be relevant for Developers - note the capital D, I was a Developer once and I am proud of it - since a lot of the performance work in the BI space falls to them; however, my hope is that the content here will help administrators get the most of out of their Microsoft BI solutions and help them work closely with the BI Developers to build them right from the start.


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  1. Welcome to the BI World! Technology is evolving faster every day to the point that our roles are constantly changing. Congrats in embracing the evolution!