Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Coming Soon: Ask the BI Admin

Howdy folks!

I will be wrapping up the SQL Server 2012 Upgrade series sometime next week but I still have plenty of content to follow. I would like to add a feature to this site that is aimed a little bit more at the community.

Starting in August, I will answer questions from the community at least twice per month. My focus will be on questions posed in the comments here on the site or via Facebook or Twitter. I am realistic, however, and given that I only appear to have two regular visitors to the site (one of which might be me), I will also be lurking on the forums at SQL Server Central and googling/binging for SQL Server 2012 problems.

So, if you have a problem with some piece of the Microsoft BI platform, please let me know about it. As I said, I will work on posting at least two answers per month. If I get more questions and enough time to find a solution for them I will post more.

One more thing, though. Keep in mind that I might have to contact you directly to get more information about your problem. I will keep these communications as private as possible. I will also keep your identity as private as possible in the solution post if you so desire. There is no need to be embarrassed. I have had problems before that couldn't solve and have even had to call Microsoft Premier Support; in fact, if you have a major Production issue, I suggest you call them before you contact me. They are good bunch of people and they do a great job helping their customers.

Talk atcha soon!

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