Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekly TidBIts (Aug 3 2012)

Here is a collection of BI-related information that I have found in the past week. I can't think of a single week where I didn't learn something new from someone else so I will try to make this a regular occurrence. (Vacations and holidays notwithstanding :)

Several SSIS Articles I Ran Across

How To: Configure a For Loop Container - Julian Kuiters provides an easy-to-follow primer on using a For Loop container in SSIS 2005 (still applies to newer versions of SQL Server). Yes, I had forgotten how to use a For Loop since I haven't needed on in years and years. I don't think I will ever forget how to use the For Each Loop though.

Passing Variable Values from Parent Package to Child SSIS - Mike Davis gives us a nice run-down of how to handle Parent/Child parameter sharing in pre-2012 SSIS on BIDN.

Eight ways of executing SSIS package and passing parameters (T-SQL,, C#, SQLAgent, DTExec) - Another great article on BIDN, this one from Nayan Patel, on how to pass parameters when executing SSIS packages. (Pretty obvious from the title of the article, eh?)

Package Format Changes in SQL Server Denali - Matt Masson describes how the XML structure of SSIS packages has changed in SQL Server 2012. I will be doing some experiments in the near future to see just how well merging changes in SSIS packages works.

Two more articles from Matt Masson. Can I deploy a single SSIS package from my project to the SSIS Catalog? - This one contains some bad news but links to another article that softens the blow a little bit: Thoughts on Branching Strategies for SSIS Projects

And a Couple T-SQL/DBA Things

The Seven Sins against TSQL Performance by Grant Fritchey - "It’s not enough that your code is readable: it must perform well too" Grant takes us on a tour of seven things we can do to ensure that we follow three rules of building T-SQL queries that perform well: Write to your data structures, write for your indexes, and write for the optimizer.

Utility Queries–Database Files, (and Filegroups) by Louis Davidson - A couple queries for collecting file and file group information. One query gathers a list of all the files in each database on the server. The other provides file group information for a specific database.

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