Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly TidBIts (September 28, 2012)

I don't have a lot of experience doing anything very advanced in Excel so I ended up researching some stuff related to Turtle Charts this week. As a result, two Excel articles kick off the Weekly TidBIts today. In fact, despite a busy week, I don't have a lot of SQL Server or MSBI stuff for you until the very last item. It's all good stuff though so check it out if you have time.

How to Create Cumulative Totals by The Excel Addict - This solution was so obvious, once I read the article, that is.

Conditional Formatting of Excel Charts by John Peltier on the Peltier Tech Blog - I needed to color code the columns in my Turtle Chart based on the status of the item each column represented. This article pointed the way. The only thing I ran into was that I had to have a zero value instead of blank cells.

Why is "Run as different user" not available for some programs in Windows 7? - Andy Pellew answers this question on his Code Snippets and General Help blog. I was having this problem with Red Gate's tools and this article helped me out.

Creating a Mailto Link by Jennifer Kyrnin at Very handy article that I used to provide links in a process I was documenting for an assistant DBA. This made it easy to provide a link that would start an email with all the required recipients and a standardized subject.

And the article you've all been waiting for:
SQL SERVER – Get Query Plan Along with Query Text and Execution Count by Pinal Dave on the SQL Authority blog. Pinal provides a fantastic query that DBAs can use to get the execution plans that are in the plan cache, even if the query is currently executing. Yes, you can get the plan for a bad query that has been running for hours without having to restart it or wait for it to finish. Sweet!

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