Friday, May 24, 2013

Request Addition of Code Analysis Extensibility to SSDT DB Projects

I really like the SSDT database projects and I have recently convinced our BI team to start using them to maintain our smaller databases. I am working on creating a database projects for our Staging and Data Warehouse projects and have run into a shortcoming in the SSDT DB Project capabilities.

We, like many other shops I am sure, aren't really good at following standards. However, we have come to realize that the problem is communication. It's not enough to document the standard, expect newbies to come in, read them, and commit them to memory for life. It sounds ridiculous but it's what we do. Some genius somewhere came up with a solution for the traditional programming world. I don't know where it started but I first found out about it via fxCop which has been rolled into Visual Studio as "Code Analysis." This feature scans managed code looking for violations of best practices and points them out to developers in the form of warnings. It's freakin' brilliant.

SSDT database projects have this feature as well but it's lacking in the rules department. It may just be that no one could decide which rules to create since database development standards vary widely (despite Joe Celko's fantastic book SQL Programming Style). Whatever the reason, there is one further omission: there is no way to add your own custom rules.

The "old style" database projects prior to the SSDT implementation had this ability, at least in Visual Studio 2010 they did. We really need this back. If you agree, please pop over to Microsoft Connect and vote for my suggestion. Convenient linky provided below.

Add Code AnalysisExtensibility to SSDT DB Projects

If you don't agree or have another solution, please let me know in the comments. Links to your blog or other related information are welcome too.

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